What to expect from your listing...
William R. Sellinger and Associates (WRS) is a full service real estate brokerage.  We offer a complete range
of real estate services for the person(s) who desires to sell property in a highly professional manner so as
to avoid the pitfalls associated with a complex real estate transaction.   As you will see below, the following
describes the activities we will undertake to sell your property.
WRS will devote its entire bank of services to selling your property. Services include:
  • Acting as the seller’s agent, in which we are bound by law to provide you with the fiduciary duties of
    loyalty, obedience, disclosure, confidentiality, reasonable care and diligence, and accounting
  • Photographing the property
  • Compiling a compelling listing on the property to be placed on the Greater Louisville Association of
    Realtors multiple listing service, which is accessed by thousands of agents, and by millions of buyers
    on the Realtor.com site
  • Ensuring that all documents and disclosures required by law are properly completed and that all
    negotiations are conducted in a professional and legal manner
  • Answering all inquiries (so that you do not have to) and responding quickly to potential buyers
  • Negotiating on your behalf with prospective buyers, as well as providing a buffer between you and
    buyers and their agents
  • Creating a Web page specifically for your property so that prospective buyers can learn more and see
    additional pictures
  • Advertising the property on multiple national websites that reach millions of potential buyers.
  • Full responsibility to show the property and to meet with prospective clients at the property
  • Writing and/or presenting all offers and counteroffers and explaining to you the potential benefits
    and/or disadvantages of each so that you can make an informed decision
  • Working with any co-selling agent to sort through all issues surrounding an accepted contract, to
    complete all contract conditions and to facilitate a timely closing
  • Reviewing and Analyzing final closing statements
  • Attending the closing to supervise the final disposition of the property
  • Researching  yours and surrounding properties to provide accurate information so that the subject
    property may be properly priced and marketed
Residential, Commercial Real Estate and Property Management