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If you are paying your rent on line and it is past the due date, you must include the late fee agreed on in your lease.  
If it is not included it could be considered a breach of the lease.  We also can not receive any late payment by
personal check.  Late payments must be made in certified funds (cashier's check or money order), or pay direct
online with your PayLease account.  If you have any questions about a late payment, please contact the
Management office.

Dear Tenants:

As Winter approaches, we ask that you take the following precautions to protect your residence and help ensure that
crucial services are not interrupted.  

  • If you are renting a house, remove hoses from outside water spigots. If there is an inside shut-off valve for
    the outside spigot, turn it off, then open the outside spigot to drain it and prevent it from freezing and bursting. If
    a pipe burst due to tenant neglect, the tenant will be charged for the repair.

  • If applicable to your residence, please check your furnace filter.  A dirty filter can cause stress on the furnace
    system, which could lead to a shut down.  If it is determined that a tenant neglected to change their furnace
    filter that resulted in a furnace repair, the tenant will be charged for the repair.

  • Some residences are due periodic furnace inspections.  If yours is one of those units, you will be contacted
    by a furnace company representative to schedule your furnace inspection.

  • If your home has a crawl space, when temperatures go below freezing it is a good idea to keep a faucet or two
    open and dripping water to prevent freezing.  

  • Do not ever bring a fuel burning heater into the home/apartment.  Fuel burning stoves/heaters produce
    carbon monoxide and will cause death if burned inside an enclosed space.  Immediately contact
    Management’s emergency number, (502) 797-3077, if your furnace stops working.

FYI….Regarding furnace, air conditioning and plumbing repairs.

Please remember that
all repair requests must be made in writing, preferably through Management’s web site on
the Tenant page.  Those requests are emailed immediately to Management.  Once the repair request is made,
Management will attempt to contact you to obtain additional information, or will direct a contractor to contact you direct
to arrange for services.  Include as much detail as possible in your repair request, which will greatly assist in
response time.

Please do not continue to call Management in an attempt to speed up the arrival of the plumber, HVAC repair
person, etc.
 The contractors respond on a first come, first served basis.  If there is a community-wide situation, such
as the first major winter cold snap, contractors will be overwhelmed with furnace repair calls and may be slow to
respond. Some days, contractors are just unusually busy.  Rest assured, once Management has been contacted with
the repair request, your issue will be addressed as soon as physically possible.