Full service buyer’s agent
The following describes the activities we will undertake to assist you to find and close on
your new home.

WRS will devote its entire bank of services and resources to:

  • Financially pre-qualify you to determine the amount you can afford to pay for a home

  • Analyze your wants, needs and expectations for a new home and match them to your
    financial pre-qualification

  • Provide you with an estimation of closing costs associated with the purchase of your
    new home

  • Search and find the appropriate house that fits your home ownership goals

  • Accompany you to showings of the prospect homes and advise you on an appropriate
    offer once a home that meets your wants and needs is found.

  • Write an offer that provides you the best deal possible and which gives you an
    excellent possibility that the offer will be accepted

  • Negotiate for you with the seller and his/her agent to ensure that your interests are
    protected and that you receive the best possible outcome for an accepted contract

  • Track the completed contract to make sure all inspections and appraisals are
    completed, that all documents required by law have been completed, that your loan (if
    necessary) is proceeding properly, and that a closing occurs within the time frame
    stipulated in the contract

  • Review the final closing statement and check that all costs and monies to be
    exchanged are reflected accurately

  • Attend the closing with you and ensure that all stipulations stated in the contract have
    been completed
We have millions of dollars worth of property to show you throughout Greater Louisville and Kentucky.
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